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Why Not Update Your Décor Like You Update Your Wardrobe?

Author: 7 April 2015 No Comment

With every change of season, the fashion runways reveal a new fashion trend.  Try as we may to avoid these changes, we eventually cave and begin shopping for the latest hemline, boot or handbag.  Home décor is no different.  Trends are always making us feel that our homes are outdated.  At first, we may scoff at some of these trends, thinking that some are odd.  However, just like fashion, the more we see it, the more we like it!  One example could be the shabby and industrial influences on furniture and décor.  Items that were once left in the junkyard are now oh so chic!

Why not update your décor like you update your wardrobe?  It doesn’t mean you have to throw out the whole closet.  There are many things you can do to update your décor without spending a fortune and keeping a lot of what you already have.

One easy and inexpensive décor change is to swap out some of your accessories.  This doesn’t mean you have to throw out your old stuff.  Come up with a box/shelf/closet that is your “staging” place where your unused accessories go to be accessed again (probably in a couple of years when styles change again).  Try swapping out floral pillows for ones with more current patterns like large graphic prints.  Consider the juxtaposition of a new shabby accessory with your grandmother’s silver pieces or crystal.  Place a glass cloche (dome) over an interesting object like a piece of coral.  Add a tray to your coffee table to group your accessories on.

Updating your lamps is made easy just by replacing your plain and pleated cone-shaped lamp shades with more popular shapes like a drum.  If your new lamp shade sits too high or low on your existing harp (the frame the shade sits on), you can replace the harp with a shorter or taller one found at your local hardware store.

It’s easy to update your bedding, but why not also consider replacing your headboard to give your bedroom a different feel?  Upholstered or iron headboards come in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

How about replacing just your coffee/cocktail table?  A coffee table does not need to match the other tables in your room.  It can be unique and may be just the place to give a nod to a current trend.  Another idea is to swap out the table altogether for a large ottoman or a group of small ones.

Instead of replacing your coffee table, consider painting it. If you own outdated oak furniture, you can paint it white or driftwood gray to emulate a cottage or coastal style.  If you want a more contemporary style, paint it a glossy bright color.  If your style is not quite either, a matte black may be best for you.  Paints with primers built in make the work easier than ever!

This season, in addition to updating your wardrobe with a new pair of shoes or jewelry, take a look at your interior and consider a minor update there too!

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