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Is Your Vehicle Ready for Winter? British American Auto Care

Author: 2 January 2017 No Comment

British American Auto Care gets your vehicle ready!

As the days become cooler and we start to turn on our car heaters it is time to think about keeping your car safe and reliable for the coming winter. (Is your vehicle ready?)

Start with getting a service, not just an oil change!

Is your vehicle ready?


Batteries tend to fail in very hot weather and very cold weather so prior to winter it is a good idea to have your battery checked. Batteries normally last from three to five years, if your battery is in this range it maybe time for a new one.

Changing a battery before it fails can prevent damage to the charging system of your car, and prevents you from being stranded when your vehicle won’t start.

The alternator that keeps your battery charged while you drive can start to overheat and fail in a vehicle that has a defective battery. Replacing your alternator is expensive, so again, preventive maintenance can save you money. When you buy a battery select a good brand, avoid cheap batteries.


Tire condition is very important. A careful inspection of your tires should be performed with every oil change, and before winter it is doubly important. The tire inspection should include checking the tread; there should be a minimum 1/16-inch of tread evenly across the width of the tire. (If your tires are close to this amount, you need to consider changing them soon).

If you do buy new tires, get advice so the right tires for the car are matched to your expectations. For example, some drivers want performance while others a quiet ride. In general, pick brand name tires that have a good reputation.

Tire wear has become a big issue in recent years as family sedans have become sports sedans. Without realizing, customers have brought cars that have high performance tires fitted as standard equipment. Firstly, these tires don’t last as long and secondly, they cost a lot to replace. There is no way to avoid this, you should install the correct tires for the vehicle, changing the speed rating (and lowering the price) is not a safe alternative. You will also find some dramatic differences in tire wear depending upon the make of your vehicle.

You should consider rotating your tires, but if the best tires are on the front of a front wheel drive car they should be left on the front. Tire rotation is best performed regularly after having four new tires installed or when the car is new. If you replace tires in pairs, then in general, it is best to have the new tires fitted to the front wheels, and if necessary have the existing front tires moved to the rear.

Tire pressures should be checked monthly. Your tire pressure information is found on the car NOT on the tire. The tire pressure marked on the tire is the maximum tire pressure, your driver’s handbook will tell you where to find the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle.

Wiper Blades

If you take a little time to keep your wiper blades clean, you can extend their life two or three times and ensure that you have good visibility when driving. To clean the blades, lift the wiper arm about four or five inches off the windshield and wipe the rubber blade with soapy water until it is clean. Or, use a paper towel and alcohol. Clean the blades until no more dirt comes off on the paper towel. After doing this you will be surprised how good your wipers work. While you are cleaning your blades, you should also check and top up your windshield washer fluid.

(is your vehicle ready?)

Have a safe winter!

Brian England, British American Auto Care

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