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Take the Stress Out of Moving or Downsizing

Author: 27 August 2015 No Comment

Are you about to move or downsize into a new place?  Moving into a new home with your old stuff can seem stressful.  Are you going to be able to work with what you have or do you need to buy new pieces?  If downsizing, what do you need to get rid of and what furniture should you keep?

For a lot of people, it is hard to look at their belongings objectively.  For example, they can’t imagine that the china hutch that always sat in the dining room could look quite lovely in a living room decked out with books and accessories or in an entry way displaying one of their collections and giving a place to plop their keys.  New homeowners also can get fixated on how the new space is to be set up, perhaps having viewed how it was used by the previous owner or decorated model.  In open concept spaces, there are often multiple solutions for setting up the desired living spaces.  Maybe where the previous owner had their dining table is actually the best place for your living room area and vice versa.

Often, it takes a third party to provide a fresh eye and encourage these changes.  A professional can provide the space planning needed by measuring all of the furniture pieces that are determined to be worthy of saving.  The space planner will then create a floor plan showing where each piece of furniture will fit best and make the most sense for the new home.  This floor plan can then be used by the movers insuring that the furniture is set in place properly alleviating the need for changes after the move.

Is it smart to have the new home painted before the move?  That depends on numerous factors.  If the homeowner is taking all existing upholstery, bedding, and bathroom accessories, then, yes, paint colors can be determined ahead of time and the whole place can be painted before the move.  If the homeowner is contemplating new upholstery, window treatments, or bedding, it is best to wait until those purchases have been made so as not to back oneself into a corner with a paint color.  Also, it is extremely important to select the new paint colors within the new space, where lighting is bound to be different than the current home.

Once the move has been made, a design professional can then provide the finishing touches to create a beautiful new home.   The placement of accessories and hanging artwork is like adding the jewelry to a plain dress.  A fresh eye can make your old belongings look new again when placed in a creative new way.

When moving or downsizing, the utilization of an unbiased professional can bring peace to what can easily be an emotional journey.

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