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Holiday Woes, Two Dogs and a Party.. Black Kettle Restaurant

Author: 8 January 2017 No Comment

Thanksgiving Day marks Fall’s great Finale, and the moment the last note fades, you can hear the thunderous stampede pushing out the door towards Christmas.  For our large family of seven children, now two grandchildren, and two dogs, December can be a blur and then January feels like an enormous let down.  ( Black Kettle )

And with the stampede comes stress!  My wife often internalizes the many burdens of the holidays and this impacts sleep, peace of mind and all the family.  But not this year!  To the holidays I say, “Woe!”  That’s right, slow down.  I’m aiming to get out of the harness pulling that “open sleigh” and get in and enjoy the ride.  To that end, years ago I determined to spend each December weekend doing something with our girls that was family, fun and festive.  A month of celebrating with trips to museums, ice skating, eating good food and concerts have made for some of our best Decembers.  (Black Kettle)

Kevan Vanek, Chef

Now that I’m the chef and owner of Black Kettle, getting free time has been rough, so I’m aiming to bring an entire month of holiday cheer to our menu and events.  If I can’t get to a concert, I can make one.  On Sunday, December 18th I have planned two dinners and shows of Carols and Dickens Cuisine at which a talented ensemble will sing carols throughout and have a sing-a-long at the end.  Each course is based on the Dickens story, and I, of course, will appear from the kitchen to join in a solo or two.  But it is aimed at cheer…..I can almost hear the final toast, ”Cheers, God bless us everyone!”

As I wrestle with the Art of Cuisine I am simultaneously reminded of the need to practice the Art of healthy Living.  At Black Kettle, my nom du cuisine is Doctor Soups, and every dish is founded upon a healthy broth or stock.  If life is likened to a Soup, as in the Soups for the Soul series, other necessary ingredients must include the seasoning of that great emotional release button:  laughter! There is a proverb that says “merriment does good like a medicine”.  And like a soup, merriment and good cheer are things we must make ourselves among those we love and with those that need love.  Like cooking, it’s what you do with your ingredients that counts. During this month I will aim to bring delicious, savory specials that evoke rich memories of Good Food Past and Fantastic Food Present and beckon guests to come back for Better Food Future!  Dickens is so inspiring!

To all of you who strive and struggle during these months to make it special, let’s all join in celebrating each day for those things and people that we can count as true Blessings.  Have a cup of Good Cheer, and I’ll hope you’ll stop by our door this season and make merry!   And don’t forget your dogs—maybe special treats are in order for our canine family members, too!

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