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The Center for Health Educators and Safety Specialists

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Have you ever wished you knew CPR or had to become certified in it? Have you thought about learning basic first aid in case of an injury or disaster? Or perhaps you have wanted to take up a career in childcare or home health care and need the safety skills necessary to do so? If you have ever wanted or needed training courses designed to enhance your knowledge of health and safety education, find your needs met at the Center for Health Educators and Safety Specialists.

The Center for Health Educators and Safety Specialists is a leading safety and lifesaving education provider located in Millersville, Maryland. The center serves those in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia across multiple health and public service disciplines and those who are interesting in creating a heathier and safer community. In addition to center-based safety courses, the Center for Health Educators and Safety Specialists also offers off-site training as well.

The company’s mission is to provide high quality and expert lifesaving training, health promotion and prevention education. Training courses are catered to healthcare providers, safety specialists, lifeguards, personal trainers, school staff, childcare providers, babysitters, and the like. The center has a dedicated staff who offer expert knowledge, motivation and great customer service to those needing employment and certification needs.

The center’s owner, Victoria Buggs, has over 20 years of experience in teaching, leading, training, and customer service. She received her license as registered nurse in 2009 and is a certified CPR instructor and approved trainer for the American Safety and Health Institute and National Safety Council. Her passion for promoting health and wellness was a contributing factor in deciding to pursue a business in health promotion and safety training.

In addition, Victoria is a 20-year active duty service member, serving in the United States Army.  As a two time combat war Veteran, she understands that every second counts, especially when it comes to saving a life.

The Center for Health Educators and Safety Specialists offers the following courses in accordance with the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) guidelines:


  • Basic First Aid
  • CPR and Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • CPR, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and First Aid Combination Course
  • Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS). This course is continuing educations hours for EMS professionals.
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Pediatric CPR, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), First Aid
  • Child and Babysitting Safety
  • Advance Cardiac Life Support
  • Instructor Training
  • Basic Life Support
  • Blended training
  • 20 Hours Certified Medication Technician Training Program


If you are in need of any of these courses personally or professionally, or have an interest in community health and wellness, consider the Center for Health Educators and Safety Specialists. With flexible scheduling and competitive pricing, these courses are readily available to the entire tri-state area. So check out CHESS—it could save a life!

Website: http://www.healtheducatorsandsafetyspecialist.com/

Email: info@trainedhandssavelives.com


Center for Health Educators and Safety Specialist (410) 834-1528 http://www.healtheducatorsandsafetyspecialist.com/


Victoria Buggs, MPH, BSN, BSHS, RN, is the owner of the Center for Health Educators and Safety Specialists. She holds a master’s degree in public health from Trident University, a bachelor’s in nursing from Howard University, and a bachelor’s of health science as a health educator from Tourou University International.  Currently, Victoria is a doctoral candidate at Grand Canyon University studying Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Behavior.  Her interests and hobbies include spending quality time with family and friends, traveling, shopping, and reading.

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