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Black Kettle… From the Kettle to the Color Wheel of Nutrition

Author: 10 December 2015 No Comment

At our new restaurant in Catonsville, Black Kettle, our menu is centered around what the well known Dr. Maynard would call “ecogenetic cooking”.  The simple idea that “you are what you eat” looks at all the health and anti-disease laden benefits existing within the many foods, herbs, oils that make up the color-wheel of my culinary art.  My menu is intense broth and fresh herb based and features all those healthful and savory ingredients that naturally help our bodies to fight disease.  At lunch we offer the “Doctor’s daily booster shot” of a health-driven juice to boost our immune systems.  And the great secret is that when classic culinary technique and “ecogenetic” combine, you can have delicious and savory cuisine!  At dinner, that “shot” becomes a cocktail!

The deeper truths of healing and wellness the medical community like Dr. Maynard are discovering teaches us that when healthful ingredients combine with the ancient secrets of healthful herbs and diet, one piece of the wellness circle takes focus.  When we add exercise and healthier lifestyle choices to the rest of the circle, significant anti-disease results are being well documented.

Creating Black Kettle invited me an opportunity to ask some deeper questions.   What were my roots?  What do I love to cook?  I’ve always loved broths, soups, sauces—that’s where the culinary magic was.  I love the economy of a soup or stew!  One pot, all the vitamins and health stays in the pot—so smart and delicious!  And make it in big portions and you can freeze them for days when you’re too busy to cook!

At Black Kettle, great flavors from intense broths and soups combine into savory and health-driven new creations.

Black Kettle (410) 747-7687(410) 747-7687 www.blackkettledining.com