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Why Should YOU advertise your business in the Women’s Journal?

Read what our advertisers say about us.

“I own and operate the Smart Coach Center in Columbia, MD. At the center we provide attention coaching and counseling as well as martial arts lessons for children and adults who have challenges with attention. I keep track of all my advertising, and Women’s Journal by far, has been the best source of potential customers for my business. The color advertising is reasonably priced for the amount of space provided. The information you can disseminate per issue is unmatched. I highly recommend Women’s Journal to anybody who wishes to grow their business.”

Michael J. Garant, Ph.D.

Director, Coach, Smart Coach Center

“The Women’s Journals have been the single most effective medium for our demographic, females age 25-65. The Return on Investment is VERY, VERY high for the Women’s Journals, and I highly encourage you to try them.”

Jonathan Calure, M.D.
Board Certified Cardiovascular Surgeon
Maryland Vein Professionals

“The Women’s Journal is definitely one of my best marketing tools. Each issue looks great and it’s getting better all of the time!

Jennifer Beall
Beall Pastoral Counseling