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Comparing the Maryland Women’s Journal to any other local publication is like comparing apples and oranges…

Why Advertise With Us?

  • Targeted, established audience
  • Over 300,000 local readers
  • Long standing solid reputation
  • Content appears in magazine and online
  • Facebook posts link advertiser content to website, Instagram and other social media
  • Facebook boosting available
  • Video advertising opportunities on the website
  • Website is 100% Mobile friendly
  • All Content archived on site indefinitely
  • Our website is HTTPS secure, which mean more user engagement and better Search Engine Optimization


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I thoroughly enjoy working with the MWJ. You are fantastic and one of the nicest, most honest vendors I’ve ever worked with. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship as both of our business soar together in the years ahead.

Samuel Asare Laser Financial Group January 6, 2017

So what sets the Maryland Women’s Journal apart from other area publications?

Did you know the women purchase over 85% of all products and services in the U.S.? Our local publications are specifically dedicated to serving area women and their families.

Second, we offer a unique format–a highly effective educational, informative, and objective approach to advertising.  As a Contributor Advertiser, not only can you place your advertisement, you can reach the public and promote your business, by writing objective, informative articles.

Third, the Maryland Women’s Journal is Primary Resource Publication! Women read our publication and pass it along to family and friends. Essentially, the Women’s Journal is its own referral network.

Fourth, we strive to distribute our publications where women are. People pick up our publications because they WANT to read them!  We deliver the magazine  to medical and professional offices, libraries,  salons, coffee shops, gourmet food stores, gyms, and retail shops–where women live, work and shop. We also offer subscriptions.

Lastly, we are very reasonably priced–check our rates and compare.