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A New Age for Facial Rejuvenation – Consider it Art Restoration and Open Your Eyes to the Possibilities!

Author: 27 August 2015 No Comment

As with the restoration of a beautiful piece of art, facial rejuvenation is achieved when Dr. Pacheco visualizes the way your face has changed over time and designs a customized plan for you.  Thanks to incredible advances in technology, from lasers and non-invasive treatments, to injectable options, and to newer surgical approaches, a new palate of possibilities is now available to accomplish that restoration.

Dr. Pacheco and experts like her agree that lift, volume, skin surface quality, facial expression and contours all play equally important roles when it comes to rejuvenation. It is all science, but works like magic when combined to create artful rejuvenation!

Consider volume and contour.

Sometimes, simply using fillers to add back the volume that has been lost over time can be all you need, but the artistry of the rejuvenation lies in the choice of filler, the where and how much. Softening folds and marionette lines or erasing circles under the eyes can often be achieved with lighter filler (such as Restylane®), and lip lines can be softened (Restylane® Silk).  These newer fillers use natural gels that can be applied and threaded safely near the skin surface (Juvederm®, Restylane®, Restylane® Silk and Belotero®) to restore volume or eliminate fine lines above the lips and around the mouth with minimal concern for rejection or allergic reaction. Thicker natural gels (Perlane, Juvederm Ultra Plus) allow for deeper fold or contour correction. Larger areas requiring volume, such as sunken cheeks and temples require different kinds of filler, of larger molecular size, such as Voluma™ or fat.  The recent introduction of Voluma™ has revolutionized cheek volume restoration and three-dimensional rejuvenation, by providing us a safe deep filler right off the shelf that can last two years.

Consider the Lift.

Non-invasive lifting and skin tightening techniques have become increasingly popular when a milder lift is needed when surgery is not desired or to rejuvenate a previous facelift. *No matter how the lift is achieved, additional consideration must be given to the need for volume (fillers), facial expressions (Botox ® and Dysport®), and skin quality issues (medical-grade skin care, advanced facials and peels, light and laser treatments) in order to achieve optimal rejuvenation. Thermage® (which uses radiofrequency) is an especially effective non-invasive face lifting option, which yields impressive results. This non-invasive technology stimulates the tightening and contraction of the skin’s collagen, and induces new collagen production in response to the single treatment. Thermage® results in truly thicker collagen and younger skin, a benefit that cannot be achieved through a surgical face lift. There is no downtime.

Consider your skin.

Bright, smooth, youthful skin can be yours again with the combined use of medical-grade skin care and treatments such as Forever Young BBL/IPL and cosmetic lasers (CO2, Fraxel® Dual, Sciton Jouleä). In combination, these treatments steadily correct wrinkles, large pores, brown spots, broken capillaries, and lines that the sun and the environment have created, giving you healthy beautiful skin. A maintenance program is customized for you so your skin can stay Forever Young.

Consider unwanted expressive lines.

We cannot forget the unique and crucial role that botulinum-A injections (Botox® and Dysport®) continue to have. Used in small, safe doses, and placed strategically to weaken the muscles responsible for unwanted expressions; botulinum-A creates a relaxed, natural look that is easily addicting.  The term “Liquid Facelift” has been popularized in recent years to describe the use of botulinum-A and fillers in combination. The possibilities are endless… So pull out your favorite old photograph and launch your personal art restoration project today.

Consider non-invasive options for your body.

While we rejuvenate your face, let’s also remember our decollete, hands, arms and waist line, to name a few.

Liposonix® permanently reduces and contours fat without surgery. One treatment, One hour and One inch smaller, that simple.  Liposonix uses advanced ultrasonic technology to permanently destroy unwanted fat.  Liposonix can be customized to contour those areas of fat that you’ve been working so hard to get rid with just one treatment.

Body by Thermage® can lift and tighten the skin in your tummy, arms, and thighs in one treatment with no downtime.

Open your eyes to the possibilities and let Dr. Pacheco and her team makes your possibilities a reality today!

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