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By: Brian England | 8 Aug 2011 | Comments Off

As gas prices continue to rise, we continually think about ways we can save gas. There are many small things you can do, like making sure your tires are correctly inflated, avoiding harsh acceleration and braking, removing all unwanted items from your trunk, consolidating errands, driving at 55 mph not 70 mph on the highway, [...]

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By: Bill Brown | 8 Aug 2011 | Comments Off

Question: Our family will be taking a cruise this summer and will be staying in hotels during our vacation.  How can we protect ourselves from bed bugs?
—Connie in Ellicott City
Answer: There’s no doubt about it, bed bugs are a problem that is not going to go away anytime soon. But there’s good news: they can’t [...]

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By: Michael Garant, Ph.D. | 7 Aug 2011 | Comments Off
Exercise Is a MUST for Your Distracted Child’s Success!

As parents of distracted children, such as those with ADHD or autism, we are always searching for information and ideas on how to help our children be successful in the classroom and in life. It is a constant struggle to keep them on the path of success. We are bombarded with many ideas. Do we [...]

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By: Deb Zinnamosca | 4 Aug 2011 | Comments Off

For many parents, sending your child back to school is a pleasure. I’m reminded of the Staples commercial with a father dancing through the school supply isles, singing “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!” It makes us chuckle because it’s true for most of us.
Unfortunately, for other families, sending a child or children [...]

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By: Bobbie Friedman | 3 Aug 2011 | Comments Off
Get Organized for Back-to-School

For most of us, transitions can be hard, especially the transition that happens when you go from a relaxing summer break to a structured school schedule! However, planning and organizing can make the process easier. And when you have a Professional Organizer on your side, you’ll ensure a smooth transition for you and your children.
Here [...]

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By: Joan Rattner Heilman | 4 Jun 2011 | Comments Off
Life Looks Rosy for Gardners

People who spend time tending their gardens are likely to be more optimistic, physically active and healthy — compared with those who don’t garden.
“There’s always something to look forward to when you have a garden,” says Aime Sommerfeld, of the Department of Horticultural Sciences at Texas A&M University, lead author of a report published in [...]

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