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“Now Ladies, Let’sTalk…Heart to Heart!”

Author: Ndidi Feinberg, M.D. 1 February 2012 No Comment

Surely most of us don’t want to be considered overweight or obese and many of us have probably become concerned about our ever-expanding waistline over the winter months. In our office, we get many patients listing off valid reasons why they want to lose weight this season. Many folks say they have been feeling insecure as to whether they will fit into the clothes in their closets; or whether they will have enough energy to play with the kids; or they just dread the worsening swelling and soreness in their joints. While all these reasons for trying to lose the weight are credible reasons, I would also like to bring attention to another, and arguably the most important, reason to find a plan for getting back into shape—our hearts. 

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for woman, with approximately 1:4 deaths, and it’s inclusive of most racial backgrounds, including Hispanic, Black, White. It is the second leading cause of death for Asian American women. According to the National Heart Association’s staggering 2011 updates, one American will have a coronary event every 25 seconds and approximately one person per minute will die of an event. No longer can we see this disease as something that exclusively snuffs out our guys or our elderly, since heart disease has become the third leading cause of death for 25-44 year old women and the second leading cause of death for women 45- 64 years of age.  And you know, many times, there’s been no forewarning at all. In fact, studies done back in 2006 found that 36 percent of woman with heart disease never thought they had any risks. Moreover, two-thirds of woman dying of heart disease had no previous symptoms. The worst part is that much of this morbidity and mortality could have been prevented through careful and determined changes to our everyday lifestyle and activities. For instance, with just a 10 percent weight reduction, you can find a 20 percent reduction in developing heart disease.

Some of you ladies may know already the importance of maintaining a healthy weight. And I realize that many of you have tried and tried but STILL can’t seem to get those pounds off no matter what you’ve done in the past. But this February, I challenge you all to muster up just a little more courage and passion to re-dedicate yourself to protecting your heart.

Now really, there’s no one singular way to losing the excessive fat that’s weighing on your heart’s ability to function. What may have worked best for that celebrity you so admire may not be the key to your own success. Our team is prepared to construct a plan that should better suit your personal needs. At Waverly Weight Loss, we also know that at times it can feel just about impossible to stick to a plan and make it work for your needs—but that’s where we can help coach you through it. We will meet one-to-one with you, pour over all your history, and work with you to find that key to a hopeful, healthful future. If you are ready to commit to changing your life’s path, then we promise to help get you to your fitness goals and to maintain your weight loss thereafter.

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