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The Extreme Lifestyle Makeover

Author: Dan Ortel 5 December 2011 No Comment

Another holiday season is upon us! Isn’t it time to forget fad diets and hyped exercise programs and get serious?  Why not get serious now, instead of gaining another five or ten pounds before 2012?  Many of my clients actually lost weight during the last holiday season!  Instead of a new diet or exercise fad, these folks did a Lifestyle Makeover; making Smart Nutrition and Smart Exercise part of the rest of their lives.

Instead of the goal being about weight loss, they made it a goal to change their lives, and they lost the weight too. 

They learned about the best foods to eat to target body fat. And they learned a Smart Exercise program that was catered to fit their schedules and goals. With a Smart Exercise and Nutrition Plan you should be able to average three to four inches of body fat loss in the first four to six weeks. That’s not hype, that’s what happens when someone follows a smart plan. Think about what a four-inch loss from your mid-section will do for your self-confidence! This kind of short-term change will really motivate you to stay on a program and in a fit lifestyle. So turn off the infomercials and get educated; make a smart plan and get started.  And if you really want to be serious, make a bold move: do your free consultation with me. We’ll do an assessment of where you are now and make a realistic plan for meeting your goals.

Like many of Dan’s clients, Melonie worked with him for a set period of time that fit her budget. She incorporated what she learned into her life-style.  And like many others, she’s continued her new life-style, and her progress.

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