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Fast Fat Loss, Fact or Fiction?

Author: Dan Ortel 4 August 2011 No Comment

Can you believe how many Quick Fix Fitness Products there are these days? There seem to be thousands of “miracle pills” and “miracle devices” that help you “effortlessly take off those unwanted pounds, without boring exercise, allowing you to eat all your favorite foods.” One company even advertises that on their plan, “we eat pizza, pasta, and burgers!”

Really, can we eat like that daily and lose weight? Of course not; we know intuitively that most of these commercials are misleading. They even have fine print that reads “results not typical.” So, what is the truth about quick fat loss?

Drum roll please. You really can do it! Instead of over-hyped miracle products, with a little education about Smart Training and some hard work, it really can be done! If you are willing to carve out a little time from most of your week days and eat smart, work out smart, and work out hard, you really can drop several inches from your waist and/or hips in weeks.

Melanie started working a Smart Training plan just eight weeks ago. Her before and after pictures shocked both of us, we couldn’t believe she made the change so quickly! She’s dropped ten pounds, four inches from her waist, and three from her hips! Melanie’s strategy? Well, she got help and education from a local Certified Personal Trainer (yours truly). She focuses on building muscle, because muscle burns calories. Melanie does cardio for a half hour most days a week and she eats very smart, nutritious, and tasty meals. Here’s the cool thing: with such a great transformation in such a short time, she’s hooked! Melanie will keep fitness in her lifestyle from now on, because she’s seen it work!

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