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Finally Lose Those Jiggly Thighs in 2011

Author: Dan Ortel 31 January 2011 No Comment

  A lot of fitness infomercials use “shaping inner and outer thighs” to hook female purchasers. Most gyms have expensive equipment to “isolate” these areas, which also attracts female members. Unfortunately it is  not true that you can spot reduce problem thighs by doing certain exercises just for them. In fact, this often increases the size of one’s thighs! I feel your pain ladies—all this applies to mens’ love handles as well. You simply cannot target these problem areas with specific exercises or machines. But here’s the good news! You can firm and shape those thighs with a simple but compressive program!

The problem that woman typically experience is not so much a lack of muscle on the inner and outer thigh but less overall lean tissue (muscles). FACT: lean feminine muscle carefully distributed  burns lots of fat! Better FACT: with a smart training program you will burn fat in the same places that you store it—your problem areas! That should be music to your ears.

To solve the jiggly thigh dilemma:

First use the inner and outer thigh muscles as they were designed to be used: as balancing (stabilizing) muscles. They help keep you stable while doing squats, lunges, single leg movements, and many other lower body exercises. But good form is crucial. And unfortunately you will rarely see proper form in your local gym and most exercise videos.

Secondly, increase the lean tissue in other areas, like your hamstrings, quadriceps, calf muscles, and especially your upper body to really boost your metabolism and burn mega doses of calories.

Designing a time efficient, total body conditioning program that includes smart resistance training, aerobic exercise, and better nutritional choices is easy with just a little help. A little time with an experienced personal trainer should help you learn the ins and outs that the gym rats and infomercials won’t show you—it’s the smart choice for you in 2011!

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