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Lose Weight this Holiday Season

Author: Ndidi Feinberg, M.D. 1 December 2010 No Comment

The holiday season is the hardest time of the year to stay on track with your weight. It’s cold and it is normally dark by the time you get off work. It’s not the best time of the year for the morning jog or evening power walk. We are rushing around shopping and preparing for the holidays. I personally have at least twenty gifts to buy and ship, holiday cards and pictures to send, the Christmas tree to decorate—who has time to exercise and eat healthy? That one Cinnabun or Big Mac we grab at the mall while shopping for mom’s present doesn’t count, right? And those yummy holiday cookies everyone is eating at work—we are just being festive.

So you think, it is okay, I will make it up after the New Year starts. So you make your resolution as you drink your last glass of highly-caloric champagne and vow to never allow your hips to be that big again. Valiantly you head to the gym in your new “After-Christmas-Blow-Out” sale sneakers the day after the ball drops, only to be hit with a waiting list to use all of the cardio machines and a line for the sardine-packed aerobic classes. Many of us “weight–challenged” folks get so frustrated with the whole exercising/gym procedures and the minimal weight loss, that we may find ourselves giving up entirely after a few weeks or so. Anyone who’s ever been loyal to a gym knows that the first day of the New Year is probably the most crowded day with health resolution hopefuls.

However, if you watch over a couple months, you find that by end of February there are no longer strict time limits or waiting lists. I completely understand and sympathize whole-heartedly with how hard it is to make such drastic changes in lifestyle.

The holiday season and winter in general is definitely the hardest time of year is stay on track with our health and our weight. This year, make it different with our doctor-supervised weight loss program. At the Waverly Weight Loss clinic, we offer one-on-one physician support as well as a tri-fold program that includes diet, exercise, and medication (if needed) to get you fit. You will learn how to use the foods you love to achieve your health and weight loss goals. You won’t be tied to any pre-packaged meals or powdered foods. You won’t be stuck with a “one-fits-all” diet routine. After all, everyone has different goals and different needs. Your goal could be to get off your blood pressure or diabetes medications or to have more energy. Another person may just want to get back into those skinny jeans that were pushed to the back of the closet. Likewise, we don’t all want to eat the same foods or have access to the same options. You may need to travel and eat out most of the time or you may have to adhere to certain dietary restrictions. We will work with you, to get on the path to better health and weight loss success!

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