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Fashion and Beauty

By: Elba M. Pacheco M.D. | 26 Aug 2015 | Comments Off

As with the restoration of a beautiful piece of art, facial rejuvenation is achieved when Dr. Pacheco visualizes the way your face has changed over time and designs a customized plan for you.

Home & Garden

By: Linda Jablon | 26 Aug 2015 | Comments Off

Are you about to move or downsize into a new place? Moving into a new home with your old stuff can seem stressful. Are you going to be able to work with what you have or do you need to buy new pieces? If downsizing, what do you need to get rid of and what furniture should you keep?


By: | 26 Aug 2015 | Comments Off

Even if one car or a collection, it is important to plan so transfer will occur easily at death. Insodoing, it is a good idea to review the title of the car, if it has a lien and who will have access to it.