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By: Sherry Saucerman | 25 Sep 2014 | Comments Off

Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, Social Security will not – and was never designed to – provide all of the income you’ll need to live comfortably during retirement. At best, your income from Social Security will supplement your other sources.


By: Robert O. Stachura | 25 Sep 2014 | Comments Off

Americans are living longer than ever, thanks to advances in health care, improved diets and better exercise. A 65-year-old today can reasonably expect to live another 15 or 20 years; among retired couples, there is a 50% chance one spouse will live past 90, according to the Society of Actuaries.

Home & Garden

By: Bryan Pax | 25 Sep 2014 | Comments Off

Times are rapidly changing, and new “greener” forms of energy are increasing in popularity every day. Light Emitting Diodes (known as LEDs) are among the most popular forms of going green. They’re brighter, cooler, and use 50% – 90% less energy. Not only that, but they last thousands of hours longer than typical bulbs. Despite all these pros, there are plenty of rumors about the cons. If you’re thinking about switching to LED lights, it may be time to educate yourself on the myths and facts, as it could cost or save you tons of money in the future: