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By: | 21 Aug 2016 | Comments Off on The Importance of Beneficiary Designations

If you have an employer sponsored retirement plan, a life insurance policy, an annuity, or other retirement accounts, you probably specified a beneficiary to inherit the proceeds upon your death.  Beneficiaries can also be named on brokerage accounts, certificates of deposit, mutual fund accounts, and bank accounts.  These accounts become known as payable on death […]

Health & Wellness

By: | 21 Aug 2016 | Comments Off on What is Reiki

Reiki is an ancient eastern practice of manifesting healing to others, the world, and ourselves! Reiki Practitioners can be initiated into the sacred system of Reiki through a Reiki Master. Reiki in Sanskrit means energy movement in its most simple translation. Once initiated into the Reiki system, practitioners can begin their own business of healing […]

Health & Wellness

By: | 21 Aug 2016 | Comments Off on Living with Inner Peace

Welcome to the sixth and final article in the series: “Recognize the Truth Within: An Inner Healing Journey for Women”, as we now focus on the next step in healing the mind, body and spirit.   The previous articles focused upon the initial steps to discover the truth self within; creating a healing space; releasing anger […]